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Important Information about Online Security

At The Citizens Bank Company, we value the safety and privacy of your personal information. In doing so, we wanted to remind you of our policies regarding non-public, personal information. When you call us, come into a branch or visit us online, we will ask for some information to verify your identity. We want to assure you that we will never call you or send you an email asking you to send us a response containing personal or private information.

In the past several months, several scams have been centered on phone calls or emails asking a customer to reveal account numbers, ATM or Debt Card numbers, passwords, or other personal, private, non-public information. In some cases, scammers are sending fraudulent emails claiming to be from certain banks or banking agencies and asking customers to visit a fraudulent website identical to the banks authentic website in order to have customers provide their personal information.

We want to remind you never to disclose ANY personally identifying information if requested via an unsolicited email or phone call. This includes:

  • The Citizens Bank Company account numbers or credit card numbers,
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or passwords,
  • Social Security Number,
  • Mothers Maiden Name,
  • Other private information.

Additionally, if you use The Citizens Bank Company's online banking, log out when finished and close your browser before leaving your computer. Never leave your computer unattended during an online session.

If you ever get an unsolicited phone call or email claiming to be from The Citizens Bank Company asking you for personal identifying or account information, please do not respond. Call us or email us to let us know and always make sure you are communicating with The Citizens Bank Company personnel. Also, be wary of any email asking you to log into The Citizens Bank Company's web site. It is always best to type our address in on your own instead of clicking on a link.

This website and the Services are intended for use only by adults.  We Comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and do not knowingly solicit or collect information from children.

If you voluntarily give information about your account (such as our routing number or your account number) to a party who is seeking to sell you goods or services, and you do not physically deliver an authorization to the party to initiate electronic funds transfer from your account, a debit to your account initiated by the party to whom you gave the information is deemed authorized by you.