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Additional Services

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Service Charge and Details
Account Balancing, Research, Reconciliation $15.00 Per Hour ($5.00 Minimum)
ACH Stop Payment $25.00
Account Activity Review by Printout or Phone $1.00 per page
Account Statement Reprints $2.00
Cashier's Checks $4.00 Customers Only
Coin Counting Customer - No Charge
Non-customer - 1% of amount counted ($3.00 minimum charge)
Collection Items Incoming - $7.50, Outgoing - $7.50 plus external bank charge, Foreign Items - Quoted
Counter Checks with Encoding $.25 each
Debit Cards
No charge when used at a Citizens Bank Company ATM
$1.25 per transaction when used at other locations
$7.00 replacement card fee and PIN replacement fee
Deposit Tickets Printed $2.50 per hundred
Dormant Account Fees $2.00 Per Month
Fax Services
Outgoing - $5.00 first page,
$.50 each additional page.
Incoming - $2.50 first page,
$.25 each additional page.
Garnishment from Court $2.00.
Internet Banking Fees
IB with Mailed Statement - $3.00 Per Month
Bill Pay "3 for Free" or less than three, $5.95 Per Mo
Bill Pay Checks do not count in the "3 for free" option
IB Business with Mailed Statement - $5.00 Per Mo
Business Bill Pay - $10.95 Per Month
IB Stop Pay - $45.00
IRS Tax Levy
$25.00 per Levy
Money Orders
$4.00 Customer, $10.00 Non-customer
Night Depository & Night Depository Bags
Night Depository - No Charge for Use
Night Depository Bags - First 2 No Charge
Additional/Replacement at Cost
Notary Services
Customer - No Charge
Non-Customer - $2.00
Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds Fees
Return NSF Check - $30.00

$.25 per copy
Safe Deposit Boxes
$14.00 - $60.00 Depending on size of box (2 keys provided)
Loss of one (1) key charge - Actual Cost
Loss of two (2) keys charge - Actual Cost
Drilling Fee (Force open or Change Locks) - Actual Cost
Late Payment - $2.00 per month after 30 days
Prestige 55 3x5 Box - $7.50 or 5% discount on other Safe Deposit Boxes
Stop Payments
Telephone Transfers
3 per month at No Charge, Over 3/$5.00 per transfer
Wire Transfers
Customers Only - $20.00-Outgoing
                                $60.00 International Outgoing
                                $10.00 Incoming
                                $20.00 International Incoming