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MoneyTalk$- Stick to a Budget while on Vacation

Stick to a Budget while on Vacation

Summer time is around the corner and that means people are getting ready for summer vacations. Planning your budget for a trip is anything but simple. There are many variables to consider, from where you’re going to eat, to what souvenirs you will want to buy.

Here are some tips to stick to a budget while traveling:

  1. Write everything down that you spend.
  • This will help you stay on budget.


  1. Use public transportation if possible.
  • Trains and buses are usually cheaper than cabs.


  1. Shop locally.
  • Avoid the more costly markets near tourist spots.


  1. Bring snacks.
  • Keeping a snack with you may help keep you from spending more at costly restaurants.


  1. Skimp on souvenirs.
  • Focus on taking photos at your favorite travel destinations instead of spending tons of money on souvenirs you’ll probably look at once or twice.


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